Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed represents Dr. Lori Friesen's two decades of intense research and examination of best practices in literacy.

It is Dr. Lori’s contribution towards putting an end to children struggling with literacy and to developing a more compassionate future generation of caring, global citizens.


"Amazing" "Creative" "Efficient" "Engaging" "Exceptional" "Exciting" "Extraordinary"
"Imaginative" "Inspiring" "Miraculous" "Transformative"
"Easy!" "Fun!!" "Life-Changing!!!"
- Students, Teachers, Principals, & Parents


Dr. Lori, Creator of
'Dogs Help Kids
Read and Succeed'


“I think the part I like the best is the excitement and the engagement that the students have with this program. The students' enthusiasm quickly spread to the teachers because obviously if their kids are engaged and excited about reading, they (the teachers) are going to love the program. … I think that the benefits have been extraordinary for our students.”

- Tony Knapp, Assistant Superintendent of Beaumont Unified
(Former Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, Palm Springs Unified School District)


"Dr. Lori's program teaches children responsible pet care, helps kids develop empathy and compassion for their pets and for each other, and gives them the skills and confidence to succeed, not only in reading, but also in life. I'm thrilled to recommend this innovative program to America's families and their pets!"

- Dr. Marty Becker, America's Veterinarian
As seen on The Dr. Oz Show, and Author of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul


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Dog Help Kids Read and Succeed is also a Fun Home Activity Program [Dog Blog]